Equans Offshore Services has an excellent HSEQ reputation within the on- and offshore energy industry. Our HSEQ performance is safeguarded in 3 separate management systems that together form our integrated management system, which forms the basis of all our activities. Our management systems comply with the applicable standards and regulations. These systems are audited annually and continuously revised and improved to make progress and achieve better results. Thanks to our continuous attention to HSEQ, our employees are highly skilled in identifying risks and preventing unsafe situations.

Health & Safety

Safety, health and well-being come first. Nothing is so important that we can’t do it safely. In the end, we all need to get home safely. Based on this starting point, Equans Offshore Services has developed a Health and Safety system. This system ensures that our employees can carry out their work in a safe manner and under safe conditions. Our Health and Safety system is ISO 45001 certified.


We have the world on loan from future generations. That is why care for the environment always plays an important role in the activities of Equans Offshore Services. Our environmental system is ISO 14001 certified and has been developed in particular to minimize environmental impact. We also strive for continuous improvement by delivering sustainable technology that really makes a difference.


We must collectively meet the expectations of our stakeholders. Our employees must not only perform their work safely, but also properly. That is why we ensure that they have the right training and that we place the right competent employee with our client. All our quality business processes are closely managed in a quality system. In this way we can meet the expectations of our customers. Our quality system is ISO 9001 certified.

In addition, we are Achilles FPAL and Achilles UNCE registered and qualified.