About us

Equans Offshore Services is part of EQUANS, that is a service organization in the energy sector. We have more than 50 years of experience in providing multidisciplinary technical services and solutions to customers in the onshore and offshore energy extraction.


We believe in the importance of offshore energy extraction. We put our staff at the heart of this. And we deliver added value to our customers by strategically deploying our competent technical staff in multidisciplinary services.

Terms of employment

Equans Offshore Services believes that it is important to be a good employer. We hold annual discussions with our employees to see where we can improve our terms of employment.


Equans offshore Services has been around for more than 78 years. From its inception until today, we have witnessed many transitions in energy extraction. The changes in the energy sector bring many challenges. Confidence in our employees and clients allows us to grow with these changes.


Our HSEQ performance is a yardstick for our clients, giving them insight into our results in the areas of Health, Safety, Environment & Quality. Our performance in these individual areas is measured and assessed annually and forms the basis for all our work. Equans Offshore Services has an excellent HSEQ reputation within offshore energy extraction

Ethics and conformity

Respect for our ethical rules, an absolute priority. To achieve constructive cooperation between the stakeholders we work with (suppliers, subcontractors, customers), a relationship of trust is necessary. Building this relationship of trust is only possible if all parties comply with our Code of Ethics.