Equans Offshore Services provides the essential services required for the safe, reliable and cost-effective operation of production sites. We do this by employing well-trained, technical personnel on and offshore.

Our world

Offshore wind is recognized as a proven and reliable source of renewable energy and is expected to grow rapidly. Global installed offshore wind capacity is expected to reach 630 gigawatts (GW) in 2050, compared to 40 GW in 2020. To achieve this, a lot needs to be done. We recognize that offshore wind energy creates jobs and want to offer you the opportunity to be part of this.

The North Sea bed contains large reserves of oil and gas. Dutch gas is up to 30% cleaner than imported gas. Production from it therefore not only contributes significantly to the Dutch economy, but also to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Of the approximately 160 production locations in the Dutch part of the North Sea, some platforms are located in territorial waters. Extracting this offshore energy is technically complex and challenging. We often work in teams where you are on location for two weeks, after which you are off for two weeks. Being part of such a team is a wonderful way to contribute to the energy security of the Netherlands.

Why do we work here?

We believe that sustainable production of local (European) offshore energy is crucial for a healthy society. We are extremely motivated to serve the (Offshore) energy transition with high-quality technical services. What sets us apart within the energy sector is that we focus entirely on hiring, deploying and developing the best people in the industry. People are the core of our organization. We do not operate platforms and do not extract energy. The only things that matter to us are the people who make efficient, safe and clean energy production possible. We are passionate about this every day!

Where do we work?

The Netherlands consumes energy. This energy is imported from abroad, but also generated within the Netherlands. This happens both on land and at sea. We work for companies that generate energy in the North Sea. We help Offshore Wind customers with the development and maintenance of their wind farms. We help Dutch Oil & Gas companies with the operation and maintenance of their (mainly) gas platforms and with their transition to supplying sustainable energy (Wind, Sun, Hydrogen, CCS).

We have three ways in which we serve our customer;

  1. Operations & maintenance Services
  2. Project Services
  3. Project Staffing

By offering these three services, we can offer tailor-made solutions to both the labour market and our customers in the best possible way.