Terms of employment

Within Equans Offshore Services, we believe it is important to be a good employer. We examine annually where our strengths and weaknesses are regarding employment conditions so that we can improve them.


  • Collective Labour Agreement
    Our organization is bound by the Metal & Engineering Collective Labour Agreement. This CLA runs until March 2024.


  • Salary
    If you join us, you will receive an employment proposal from us. This proposal is based on your position, work experience and competences. Our salary is paid monthly


  • Holidays
    Based on full-time employment, you will receive 200 holiday hours and 104 ADV days per calendar year. When working offshore, the 104 ADV are not freely withdrawable, they are scheduled.


  • Pension
    Under the current collective labour agreement, we are committed to a good pension scheme (PMT). Pension accrual takes place in accordance with the industry pension fund scheme


  • Reimbursement of training courses
    To be allowed to work offshore, you as an employee have to pass a number of mandatory training courses. We will ensure that you receive full offshore training. If these courses expire, we will ensure that you receive refresher training in time. So you are always ready to work offshore.


  • Travel costs
    With us, depending on your work schedule, you will receive compensation for your travel expenses to work.


  • Insurance
    Every employee with us is insured for WIA; WIA-bottom, WGA-hiatus and WIA-excedent.


  • Health and sport
    Vitality is very important to us. Therefore, you will receive annual compensation from us for.


  • Personal development
    Your personal development is important to us. We would therefore like to discuss with you what you would like to develop within our organization.