Our History

EQUANS is proud of its past and the expertise built up under the names Fabricom, Cofely Services. The company unites more than 9,700 employees under one brand.
Our story begins in the period just after World War II. Back then, we were a handful of workers making electrical equipment in a workshop in Mechelen. Over the years, acquisitions and new customers, our company has developed into the leading international brand it is today.


Creation of Equans Offshore Services

Origin of today's Equans Offshore Services by Klaas Tot and Klaas Beers (Tot+Beers). Work was limited to repairing electrical household appliances and electric motors for industrial activities.


Growth of the organisation

The company (Tot+Beers) will relocate to a former shed of a timber yard on the Houthavenkade in Zaandam. Until 2023, this location remained in use by the successors of Tot+Beers. The company's activities increasingly concentrated on installation work in various industrial and utility projects.


Specialisation offshore oil & gas

Equans Offshore Services, started with installation and maintenance work on production platforms offshore. The company specialised in electrical and instrumentation (E&I) installations.


Fabricom Group acquisition

Tot+Beers was acquired by the Fabricom Group, a Belgian company with 200 branches worldwide at the time. The name Tot+Beers disappeared and the new name became Fabricom Electrical. In 2001, the Fabricom Group would also acquire GTI.


Offshore maintenance work

Meanwhile, Fabricom Oil & Gas emerged from Fabricom Electrical, which carried out all maintenance, both E&I and Mechanical, on all production platforms of Elf Petroland in the Dutch part of the North Sea. This in collaboration with the construction organization Genius Vos, which was also incorporated by us in 2007.


Minimum Facility Platforms

Besides maintenance work on the production platforms, Fabricom Oil & Gas manufactured and installed the Minimum Facility Platforms (MFPs) in the North Sea in late 2007. An on- & offshore drilling rig and an Offshore Access system were also developed which enabled the transfer from a moving vessel to a fixed object at sea.


Change in energy market

With the new name Fabricom Offshore Services, we began to pioneer the offshore wind industry. Among other things, we started helping build, install and install OHVS (Offshore High Voltage Stations) built by our colleagues in Hoboken.


International Operations

Together with our Fabricom colleagues in the countries around the North Sea, we had become part of an international organization serving the offshore industry. Each with its own specializations, with Fabricom Offshore Services focusing mainly on maintenance tasks in the offshore energy sector.


Veranderende wereld, wij veranderen mee

Developments in the world and therefore also within the offshore energy industry follow each other in rapid succession. Fabricom Offshore Services is moving into its current premises and making its organisation and activities future-proof. Our focus will be 'people first', cooperation with our Fabricom colleagues will be intensified and the name Equans will be introduced.


Acquisition of Equans

The new call sign has since become Equans Offshore Services and the acquisition by the Bouygues group is a fact. Together with 100,000+ colleagues, we are now part of a world leader in engineering services! This enables us to bundle even more capacity and knowledge in order to contribute to the challenges we face, anno 2022 and in the coming years in the world.


Equans Offshore Services

The organization is changing to be allowed to make great strides in the offshore energy transition. For more information on what we are doing as of now, please refer to the 'about us' section.