Junior E&I Technician

Can you tell us something about your current work at Equans Offshore Services?

Every day I maintain the electrical part of the installation. I do various work such as replacing lighting, cable trays or repairing a temperature measuring devise.

My job also includes the annual inspection of work- and climbing equipment, which of course must work well and be safe!

Energy challange at Equans Offshore Services

What do you find important in your work?

What is important to me is that I can make people happy with the work I deliver, and that everyone can go home in one piece.

What does a daily offshore day look like for you?

My day starts with a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast provided by our stewards. While waiting for the permit to work to be issued, I discuss the work on how we can carry out the work in a responsible and safe manner. As soon as the work for the day is completed, I clean up the workplace and hand over the permit. After dinner I take a break and then exercise in our gym. What I also like is that almost every night is a movie night. In the evening I often eat something and then get ready to go to sleep because the next working day is already around the corner

What attracted you to work offshore?

The amount of free time you get really appealed to me from the start, as well as the bond you build with your colleagues. I like to surround myself with nice people and offshore you get to know people from all over the world. Flying in a helicopter was of course something that I thought would be really cool to do.

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